Unit 22 Developing Computer Games

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Level 2 is expected to be "independently created"

Once tested working, the evidence should be presented (part of P4)

Before creating Level 2 of the game

Must collect the evidence for the folio - part of P4.

See samples

"Level 1 Completed!"

QUESTION: How to complete a level of the game?

ANSWER: This can be broken down to several questions: How to set up the threshold for a level to be completed? How to clean the stage? How to display the message? How to set up buttons for next level or replay?

REAL ANSWERS: check the answers given in booklets.


Lesson 8 Hit Test

To check if two objects collided (one hit the other, such as the bullet hits the target)

Use the function hitTestObject(obj); Update information when hit

  score += 10;
  scoreDisplay.text = String(score);

When testing, try to move the brick into the course of the ball to ensure it does hit.

Lessonn 7 Display Dynamic Information

Lesson 6 Create Interactivity

Lesson 5 Create 2 Key Frames (KF) and Objects

Lesson 4 Pseudo Code and Choice of language

See the link P3 above

Lesson 3 Complete P3 + more practical skills

IF statement - when to use it and how to use it => to compare and make a decision. For eaxample, if (myBox.x >=550) { myBox.x = 0;} else {//do nothing;}

For loop - when to use and how to use - to repeat certain action. For eaxample, for( var i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {// do something; trace ("The number is : " + i + "\n"}

Lesson 2 Complete P3

Lesson 1 Practical work to prepare for P3 and M1

Half term holidays

Lesson 8 Hand in All completed work

Lesson 7 Practical Skills - Graphics

Lesson 6 Design A Game (3)

Leson 5 Design A Game (2)

Case Study - Metal Gear Solid - how it was designed.

Q: Are the job titles different from your research? Try to match those doing the same type of job.

Q: What is the sequence of actions in the development of the game? List them in the right order.

Share with your partner and discuss the differences you might have.

Design Process Tasks (P3 Produce a design for a computer game for a given specification )


Leson 5 Design A Game (1)

"Anthophobia is the fear of flowers."

Successful games of large or low budgets have certain common features, such as they are all researched thoroughly before making the game; they all have well planned the necessary actions and components before implementing the codes. There is a system development lifecycle, a methodology, to follow to ensure that kind of success.


  1. Analyse the problem
  2. Design the actions
  3. Implement the plans
  4. Test the product
  5. Publish and Support

At each stage the number of people involved and their roles vary. Research the job titles in gaming industry, research their functions and see which stage they are mainly involved with.



Lesson 4 Psychologic factors of/in games

Psychologic factor

Evidence for the folio: A presentation for the class

Lesson 3 Concerns about games

Click here

Evidence: Discussion recorded in any form -

Lesson 2 Platforms of games

check out this one.

Lesson 1 Genres of games


Unit introduction (specification)

Assessment - A working game AND a professional folio.

8 genres - Action Game, Strategy Game, RPG, ... Simulation Game, Educational Game, Sports Game, Adventure Game,

Genres discussion - Describe a game you like, to the group and then class

Create an A3 poster to inform the audience about the genres. (see the worksheet below)

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Task sheets

research on the industry Impact on society, 2 Genre and Features Platforms DesignProcess
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