OFSTED - the most important organisation of education in England. Its job is to maintain and raise the standard of education for all. Every child matters. If a single student is not learning, then the teaching cannot be OUTSTANDING.

have they learned? How to judge? How to measure?

How to PLAN for OFSTED inspection and for LEARNING at the same time.

Evidence based learning/teaching

  AS Computing AS ICT A2 ICT Yr1 BTEC Yr2 BTEC
Evidence of a planned lesson (i.e. lesson plan)          
Related SoW          
Evidence of students progress (tracking documents, TMGs, targets)          
Copy of lesson resources          
Example of student assessed work          
Student folders          
Class profiles          
Seating plans          
Information n additionalintervention, support, workshops etc.          
Course handbook          
Trips and keynotes speaker          
Evidence of students on contracts or warnings          
Corse reviews forms previous year and current year          

intvention strategies and evidence


work related learning

IV'd briefs          


  Plan Actions
Is understanding checked systematically and effectively?    
Is your marking consistently highquality and constructive ensuring that students make rapid gains?    
Do you ask key questions in order to assess understanding and deepen learning?    
Do students get thinking time and oral rehearsal?    
Is literacy assessed regularly and do students respond / correct their mistakes?    
Are there effective alternatives to hands-up?    


  Plan Actions
Do students work harder than you?    
Can students explain how what they are doing links to what they are expected to learn?    
Can they articulate what they should be able to do by the end of the lesson?    
Can they show how it builds on prior learning?    
Do you consistently have high expectations for all studnets    
Is every opportunity taken to develop equality and diversity?    
Are teaching assistnats involved in planning?    
Do you take every opportunity todevelop literacy and numeracy?    
Are there a variety of often imaginative activities?    
Do you create clever transitions between tasks?    


  Plan Actions
Do you build resilience, confidencem independence and engagement?    
Are your objectives rigorous? Do you challenge students?    
Do you plan for the needs of different groups of learners in our class?    
Are they making exceptionally high rares of progress over time?    
Can you demonstrate progress of all learners in your lesson?    

Lesson Plan

How to link a plan with those items? stickers, check box,

Date:   Teaching Group: Staff:
Learning Outcomes / Success Criteria

Differentiation & Extension Strategies:

Strong ones:

Weaker ones:

Time starter activity   Strategies to check learning objectives have been achieved
  main activies    
  Plenariy activities    








ideas about education

Digital Wisdom and Education



education and technology




Assessment for learning


exam and







BTEC vocational

a level