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Learners create PPT flashcards from Excel file; Then view them on smartphones, PCs, tablets!
Suitable for keyword-meaning, question-answer pairs.
IMPORTANT for teachers: students create the flashcards, formulate the own questions, test themselves!

ONLINE Flashcard Generator


Behavioural PLUS - Keyword Flashcard Generator

Constructivist PLUS - Question Flashcard Generator (applying Bloom's taxonomy levels)

Four columns-- four cards each row

Two columns - two cards for each row


Keyterm Flashcard Generator

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Questions Flashcard Generator

how to use

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRv86eSi3_k&list=UUJnogsKdf2SpK_VCquHYh6w

What for: students create the resources for their learning.

Learner uses this generator file

Learner generates the contents

Learner generates the flashcards

Learner uses the cards

Learner tests friends

Can be used in lesson


Foreign Languages - New words and structures, ...

ANY subject - Key terms, concepts, definitions etc.

Questions for a subject,

Questions of higher order

Quizzes designed by one group for another

Student formulating questions - a wonderful way of challenge and engage everyone


Need to print?

Either from the Excel file or the PPT file.  Adjust them to suit your need

Too many words for a slide?

Before the next version is available, please edit the PPT file before upload to your phone.

Behavioural PLUS - Keyword Flashcard Generator (MS Excel format)

Constructivist PLUS - Question Flashcard Generator (applying Bloom's taxonomy levels)


Pointless Ponits:

Q: Is not this just encouraging mechanical memorising?

A: Yes because it is necessary. No because it does not stop at memorising. Learners need to formulate questions! Learners can collaboratively learn.

Q: What are the benefits of formulating questions?

A: A good question is half of the solution! Learners will pro

Q: Why are the questions graded into Bloom's levels?


Q: How does this encourage collaborative learning?



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Learning Mandarin



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Key terms FCGenerator 生词幻灯片

Questions FCGenerator 提问幻灯片